lördag 19 juli 2014

Supernatural har inga planer på att lägga ned

*klicka för större bilder* Jensen ser ut att drömma sig bort, han kanske drömmer om mat?
Jaha. Det ser ut som om vi får "dras" med bröderna Winchester en lång tid framöver. Jensen och Jared och exekutive producenten Jeremy Carver var helt överens på en presskonferens i går att så länge kvalitén är hög och det finns historier kvar att berätta så finns Supernatural kvar.

Nedanstående har jag snott från Zap2it och JustJared. Bilderna är bara från sistnämnda.

Carver: "There's so much story left to tell, which is remarkable given that we're in Season 187. What impresses me most about these guys and the rest of the cast and the crew and all the writers, it remains to be the hardest-working bunch I've ever worked with. I don't want to get all military but there's no quit in anybody. That starts in the stories and ends in the execution."

Varför så stiff, honungsbulle?
Padalecki: "If the show quality diminishes, which I have no doubt that it will not in [Carver's] capable hands, but if the show ever reaches a spot where we get a phone call, ‘You know what guys, we feel what needs to be said has been said’ [then I'd stop] … I truly do deeply care about the show and about Sam Winchester. I’m 32 years old tomorrow [ I DAG!!] and I spent 9 years of my life with him, and so I don’t want him to be broken down and beaten down into something that I end up not respecting. I respect this character and this show and the writers and my fellow actors and actresses. I think we know the show enough, our characters enough, that if there’s an end coming I think we’ll all see it and we don’t have to push it to the ‘I Love LA’ levels. I’ve got some kids now and a wife. I love my personal life very, very much and when it’s time to hang up the Sam Winchester hat, I’ll welcome that chapter."

Jensen: "I think we’re all on the same page. We still get excited by it and I think that that hasn’t tarnished in 10 years. And I remember getting the last script of season 9, the season finale, and I got all giddy about it. I was excited to see what happens in season 10. I think as long as there’s that fulfillment, that enjoyment, that excitement, then, yeah, we will keep going, as long as people are hanging in with us and are still entertained. We love these stories."

7 oktober börjar nästa omgång som vi kan kalla Demon-Dean-säsongen.

Just ja, tydligen blir det 200:e (!) avsnittet något av ett musikalavsnitt! Till E! säger Carver:
"I think it'll be one of the more amusing and engaging episodes we've done in a while. I think we can safely call this a meta episode. I would just describe it as something of a love letter to our fans and there will be songs."

Never forget:

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NicklasBoman sa...

har svårt för musikal avsnitt. men hoppas på att bli positivt överraskad :)

Anna Thunman Sköld sa...

Samma här... gillar i stort sett bara Buffys musikalavsnitt.

NicklasBoman sa...

haha ja om äns det :)
påtal om buffy, såg på Nerdist.com att de lagt ut en massa videor på behind-the-scenes actionscener från just buffy. lite roligt att se :)


Anna Thunman Sköld sa...

Åååh, vad roligt - tack! Dessa klipp ska jag kolla på pronto!